48 Group is an amalgamation of Polish gaming industry veterans who provide a wide range of services to the gaming industry as a whole.


  • Sourcing Developers (Due Diligence) and securing deals
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Investment deals
  • Acquisition
  • IP Rights

Our goal is to deliver

  • in budget
  • in quality
  • in time
  • Marketing analysis, strategies and brand plans
  • PR insights
  • Intelligence backed up by insights from experienced professionals, and reliable data sources. We proceed in line with methods recommended by British Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
Analysis based on reviews from video games experts e.g. journalists (not published, for your eyes only), Executive summary, what to improve, what’s wrong and how to change it to gain a better score in media, Predicted metascore in media.
Playtests arranged with carefully selected gamers and in-depth interviews supervised and conducted by a professional psychologist (PhD), in line with ICC/ESOMAR standards

  • Specific tests of game design, mechanics, logic; hypothesis testing, and in-depth analysis of gameplay
  • Optionally enhanced with biometrics, including: eye tracking, facial emotions analysis, pulse, skin reactions and EEG (brainwaves).
  • Social media and community building – from planning to execution
  • Brand message planning – use of language, tone, and spin
  • Targeted press activities – from mass press releases, to individual reach outs, such as interviews, exclusives, and more
  • Marketing assets advice and planning
  • Creative ideas – that gather the attention of press and the “internet”
  • Other support and ideas – that will help generate hype
  • Games – Gameplay movies, Ingame Trailer
  • Film
  • Television
  • Keyframe animations
  • Motion capture
  • Cut-scenes
  • First person player animation with camera
  • Mentoring
  • Retergeting Face scanning
  • Creating morphs
  • Face rigs
  • Facial expression
  • Characters and creatures rigs
  • Lightning
  • Render – setup and layout


We work on 3DS Max, Maya and Motion Builder.

Typesetting and text makeup
We offer typesetting and text makeup for books, newspapers, magazines, booklets, catalogues, flyers etc. Our services can make your magazines’ content more diverse and colorful, thanks to various infographics, custom cut pictures and their layout, different typography etc. We can make all kinds of typography arrangements to satisfy your readers.

Layout design
Looking for someone to design the layout of your book? You’re in the right place. We can also offer original layouts for newspapers and magazines, including covers. From choosing the right color palette, headlines and fonts, to final design and placement of all elements.

Our graphics design studio from Krakow will gladly handle typesetting and text makeup for your e-book, including optimization for epub and mobi formats. We offer not only e-books services, but also e-magazines, -pamflets and -catalogues.

Graphical design
We can design ads, flyers and all kinds of marketing merch and gadgets. We can do mock-ups and mailings designs, including newsletters and static and dynamic banners. We deliver graphic designs to our happy clients from many different regions of Poland.

Corporate design
Coherent corporate design is very important. We can design your business cards, letterhead and all kinds of business stationery. We can also design logo of your company and identity manual.

Large-format advertising
We can create roll-ups, mesh and posters for you. We can design large-format banner or billboard. We deliver large-format ads on a regular basis for many clients from Poland.

  • We are certified developers for PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo platforms
  • 10+ years in the gaming industry
  • Supported engines – custom, C++, Unity, Unreal
  • Supported platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, X1, iOS and Android

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